Reports & Data

As a part of our mission the District collects information about the San Bernardino Valley, including:

We also have forms for Ground Water Production.

Daily Flow Reports

Currently, we provide the daily flow report for the Santa Ana River—Mill Creek Cooperative Water Project in PDF format:

If you would like additional flow reports, please call 909.793.2503 or send email to:


Project Reports


  • Groundwater Conditions in the San Bernardino Valley

        acrobatEngineering Investigation Report for 2012-2013

        acrobatEngineering Investigation Report for 2011-2012

        acrobatEngineering Investigation Report for 2010-2011

Big Bear Water Master Annual Report

        acrobatReport for Calendar Year 2012
        acrobat Report for Calendar Year 2011

        acrobatReport for Calendar Year 2009
        acrobat Report for Calendar Year 2008
        acrobat Report for Calendar Year 2007
        acrobat Report for Calend Year 2006

          acrobat Active Recharge and Constraints Study

          acrobat All Habitat Classes Map