Community Strategic Plan

This Community Strategic Plan for the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District (“District”) was originally developed during 2012 and early 2013 built on the Board’s 2010 Strategic Plan. The purpose of the update was to assess progress from the 2010 plan and to evaluate certain elements of the 2010 plan for community support and financial feasibility. Download the 2013 Plan

2017 Community Strategic Plan2017 CSP Draft

In early 2017 the Board held a series of workshops and reviewed the performance and accomplishments under the 2013 CSP.  They also identified issues and opportunities they wanted to discuss and incorporate into and updated CSP. Throughout the spring and summer, the Board discussed each issue and reviewed the updated plan prepared by staff.  In October, they approved a circulation draft CSP for community and partner feedback.

We hope you will review and provide comments on the circulation draft so they can be incorporated into the final plan to be presented to the Board for approval in December 2017.  Comments are due to the District by December 1, 2017.

  pdf  Download the Circulation Draft of the 2017 Plan (4.40 MB)