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Board of Directors

San Bernadino Valley Water Conservation District board members and district boundaries.


In 2011, the Board sponsored SB-235 authored by State Senator Gloria Negrete-McLeod, which enabled them to reduce the Board from a seven-member board to a five-member board. The Conservation District reviewed several scenarios and developed a map for redistricting into five divisions. The Board adopted Resolution No. 481 Implementing Senate Bill 235, ordered the reorganization of the divisions, and reduced the number of board members from seven to five in September 2012. 

The map below shows the new divisions and the directors assigned to the new divisions. As of December 2013, the District has five Board Members one serving each division shown below.


Five Division Boundary Map as a PDF File

  pdf    (79 KB) pdf Form 806s (83 KB) pdf (79 KB)  for member meetings

The Board members welcome the comments, questions, and concerns of their fellow citizens. District meetings are regularly scheduled and open to the public. Here's where you can see the next meeting agenda.  To email any Board member email

Current Board Members

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Division 5:

Melody Henriques-McDonald 


Her Term of office expires:
December 12, 2022

pdf Form 700 (136 KB)


 Division 1:

Richard Corneille

Vice President 

His Term of office expires:
December 09, 2024

pdf Form 700 (65 KB)


Division 2:

David E. Raley

His Term of office expires:

December 12, 2022

  pdf Form 700 (105 KB)

Division 3:

Robert Stewart 

His Term of Office expires: 

December 11, 2024 

  pdf Form 700 (238 KB)

Division 4:

John Longville

His Term of office expires:

December 12, 2022

   pdf Form 700  (51 KB)



Board Elections are held by Mail Ballot in the August of each odd year.
The next Division Elections are in 2018 for Divisions 2, 4, and 5. For more information on election procedures and deadlines.


District Management and Organization

The District's General Manager is responsible for operations and management of the District under the policies and direction of the Board of Directors. 

General Manager and Board Secretary
Betsy Miller
Contact her at the District Office (909) -793-2503 or 

The District has five Full-Time Staff, General Manager, Interns, District Counsel and consultants.  The District Org Chart changes from time to time, but the current Org Chart is shown below:

SBVWCD Org Chart