Helping Nature Store Our Water


SBVWCD Newsletter

Area water agencies are required to provide the state Department of Water Resources with a collaborative Urban Water Management Plan every five years. The plan, the latest of which will be submitted to DWR this year, includes best estimates on future water demands. Read More

SBVWCD Newsletter

Work will begin soon on the Plunge Creek Conservation Project and its accompanying Habitat Enhancement plan. With all local and federal permits secured, a contract has been awarded for initial construction work to begin upon completion of the Safe Harbor Agreement with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The plan will remove and relocate sediment for enhanced water recharge capabilities, improve a wildlife corridor along Plunge Creek, and perform other habitat improvements such as reducing invasive plant species and creating a safe crossing for the San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat. The comprehensive Wash Plan HCP completion is planned for summer. Read More

Each year, the District performs a variety of hydro-geologic measurements and engineering calculations to accurately determine the amount of water recharged into the Bunker Hill basin.

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The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District partners with the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District ( on water education and garden projects at local schools. This year's series was recently completed, teaching a new generation of residents about the value of water, the importance of groundwater storage and why it's vital to our future to not waste it.


Southern California has had an exceptional winter this year, but it’s not enough to erase the effects of 20 years of drought, which have left local groundwater basins at historic lows, according to local water agency officials.

“While rain in our area is slightly above average for 2019, it takes a lot more than one rainy season to erase over 20 years of below average rainfall,” said T. Milford Harrison, president of San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District.

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