Helping Nature Store Our Water


Each year, the District performs a variety of hydro-geologic measurements and engineering calculations to accurately determine the amount of water recharged into the Bunker Hill basin.

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Southern California has had an exceptional winter this year, but it’s not enough to erase the effects of 20 years of drought, which have left local groundwater basins at historic lows, according to local water agency officials.

“While rain in our area is slightly above average for 2019, it takes a lot more than one rainy season to erase over 20 years of below average rainfall,” said T. Milford Harrison, president of San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District.

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We recently took the San Bernardino Sun newspaper out to the Wash to explain the benefits of the Santa Ana River Wash Land Exchange Act that was recently signed into law. Click on the link below to learn more and to enjoy some spectacular photos or nature's water mixing with the land and recharging into our groundwater basin.

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The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District's recent basin cleaning has resulted in a surplus of sand and rock, which Upland Rock continues to sell on behalf of the District.

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