Helping Nature Store Our Water


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The Bunker Hill basin experienced record recharge levels in 2019, the result of a wet winter and the unprecedented collaboration of area partners who are now teaming up to establish and maintain healthy groundwater supplies that will serve our region long into the future.

Totals for the 2018-19 water year ending September 30 reflected numbers not seen since 1987, with 22.8 billion gallons (70,000 Acre Feet) of water recharged underground. Prior to 1987, those levels had not been seen since the late 1940s.

Beyond the staggering volume of the water, this success represents the underlying implementation of promised cooperation that will lead to a reliable and independent water supply for all of us here in the San Bernardino Valley.

The year 2019 saw many other significant accomplishments. Click here to view the report and read more.