Helping Nature Store Our Water


Here's where you can get the latest information on what is going on in the San Bernadino Valley Water Conservation District. There are press release fact sheets and other information on various issues related the District in the listing below.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring the Upper Santa Ana River Wash Habitat Conservation Plan to fruition.

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The plan accounts for water, mining, flood control and local species needs, and is the result of two decades of consensus building among area cities, water districts, and regulatory agencies

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The Bunker Hill basin experienced record recharge levels in 2019, the result of a wet winter and the unprecedented collaboration of area partners who are now teaming up to establish and maintain healthy groundwater supplies that will serve our region long into the future.

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Local water basins were filled with record-breaking deposits of snowmelt, rainfall and imported water, with 2018-19 Water Year totals achieving numbers not seen since 1987, the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District announced today.

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