The Local Groundwater Management Assistance Act of 2000 (AB303) created the Local Groundwater Assistance Fund. The funding is intended to help local agencies better understand how to manage groundwater resources effectively to ensure the safe production, quality, and proper storage of groundwater in the State. The funding is provided through the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).

The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District (Conservation District) in association with the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (SBVMWD) submitted a project to the DWR to assess the current capabilities of the diversion, conveyance, and recharge facilities.  The project will support the understanding of improvements, if any, would be required to achieve the proposed spreading objectives identified in the Upper Santa Ana River Watershed Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). 

The goals of this project are to evaluate the ability of the existing facilities to meet the recharge objective of 500 cfs if needed, and provided recommendations on the operations and maintenance activities that will maximize recharge capacity.  This project will also foster better cooperation and management of the District’s and Upper Santa Ana River Basin’s limited water resources to the benefit of all stakeholders in the basin.