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For Release July 29, 2003


The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District (District) submitted a project to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) that entailed installation of two (2) 400 ft. deep dedicated monitoring wells in the Santa Ana River/Mill Creek Forebay (Forebay) area of the San Bernardino Valley. Earlier this month it was announced by the DWR that a $230,000 grant had been awarded to the District for this project.

The District has successfully recharged water in this area for decades and has the capability and interest in improving and expanding its recharge operation. This project will support the understanding of the local hydrogeology and improved monitoring data needed for enhanced recharge in the Forebay area.

Water level data will be collected at the time of well installation and on a continuing basis as part of the groundwater monitoring program conducted by the District. These data will fill important gaps in the current monitoring network and will assist in understanding the effects of recharge. Incorporation of the new data will provide better definition of groundwater flow patterns and provide valuable data points for monitoring future recharge events.

This project will foster better management of the District’s limited water resources to the benefit of all stakeholders in the basin.