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For Release September 24, 2010

              SBVWCD Appoints              New General Manager

The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel B. Cozad as its new General Manager.

Mr. Cozad has more than 20 years of experience in water and resource management.  He has valuable regional planning and executive experience as General Manager of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority as well as private company and non-profit executive and coalition building experience throughout California.  Daniel also serves on numerous committees and advisory boards related to water management and sustainability. He works with several regions in California on improving water related management and project funding and administration.

“The Board and staff are extremely pleased that Mr. Cozad accepted the appointment,” said Clare Henry Day, Board President. “His experience and knowledge will greatly benefit the District and the Board is pleased to have the opportunity to work with him.” 

“The District is challenged by reduced revenue due to the overall economy, but its core mission of water and resource management is as important to the future of the region as they have been in the past.”  “My goals are to ensure the District operates efficiently and cost-effectively while we openly demonstrate value to and build cooperative relationships with water agencies across our region. In this way we will all work to ensure a safe clean and reliable supply of water now and in the future,” Cozad said. “I am honored by the Board’s confidence in my abilities to manage the District in these challenging times.”

Mr. Cozad’s appointment is effective September 22, 2010.

The San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District was formed in 1932. Its primary mission is to conserve water by diverting the natural flow of the Santa Ana River and Mill Creek into percolation basins that the District owns and operates. The Conservation District assists in the management of the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin - the major source of water supply for local communities.

CONTACT:  Daniel Cozad – (909) 793-2503