Helping Nature Store Our Water

Plunge Creek

The goal is to restore Plunge Creek back to a naturally braided stream system using natural processes and hydrology, removing invasive grasses, and increasing habitat for the endangered San Bernardino kangaroo rat and other rare and endangered species, as well as allowing the water to spread out and infiltrate into the ground to recharge the basin. Specifically, the project provides for:

Construction of two pilot channels to reintroduce intermittent flooding necessary to restore 208 acres of riverine habitat

Seed collection and revegetation of the new habitat area with woolly star, plus seeding of other native plants such as California buckwheat, desert wishbone bush, mulefat, tarragon, and deerweed

Invasive species control

Relocation of the San Bernardino kangaroo rat to the new habitat area

Oversight and monitoring by qualified biologists and ecologists

Tracking of San Bernardino kangaroo rat for up to 10 years after project implementation to gain a full understanding of long-term project benefits

Plunge Creek Map

SBVWCD Covered Species Map