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Plunge Creek is a wonderful integrated habitat and water conservation project proposed for funding from the Integrated Regional Water Management, coordinated by the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, and lead by the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District. The goal of the project is to restore the Plunge Creek System back to a braided stream using natural processes and hydrology, thereby removing invasive grasses and increasing habitat for the endangered San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat and other rare and endangered species, as well as allowing the water to spread out and infiltrate into the ground which will recharge the basin. The project goals work well with the broader goals of the Santa Ana Watershed One Water One Watershed program; it includes the recharge of native surface water, the enhancement of groundwater quality, improvement of endangered species habitat, works in a collaborative setting, and achieves cost effectiveness by working on SBVWCD owned lands. 



Plunge Creek has progressed fairly since it was proposed. Having hired ICF International and Northwestern Hydraulic Consultants to help work on the project, the 30% design was completed and the project was adjusted based on the design. Flood Control and the Fish and Wildlife Services were contacted and liked the idea of the project. Plans for metering the system are in progress. Also, instead of having a very inclusive design, an engineer was based on site in order to adjust for unpredictable occurrences. The full design for the project should be done by July 2016.


Here is some background on the project with more information to come as we get notice to proceed.

PlungeCreek        Plunge Creek Restoration Area, looking West from Edison/MWD crossing toward Orange

 Project Description Documents are being prepared and shown below.


Toggle Title Date
pdf Plunge Creek Mitigation Monitoring & Reporting Program Final Feb 09, 2018 ( pdf, 209 KB ) (90 downloads)
pdf Plunge Creek Mitigated Negative Declaration Final Feb 9, 2018 ( pdf, 76 KB ) (99 downloads)
pdf Plunge Creek 30perc Design Report 032416 ( pdf, 1.24 MB ) (108 downloads) Popular
pdf Figure 6 Slender horned Spineflower Locations ( pdf, 1.57 MB ) (92 downloads)
pdf Figure 5 Santa Ana Woolly Star Locations ( pdf, 1023 KB ) (94 downloads)
pdf Figure 4 SBKR Habitat ( pdf, 1.39 MB ) (84 downloads)
pdf Figure 3 Project Impacts ( pdf, 777 KB ) (89 downloads)
pdf Figure 2 Project Components ( pdf, 888 KB ) (1007 downloads) Popular
pdf Figure 1 Regional Overview Site Vicinity ( pdf, 1.28 MB ) (1005 downloads) Popular
pdf Attach 9 Plunge Photos ( pdf, 4.13 MB ) (1324 downloads) Popular
pdf Attach 8 Plunge Infiltration ( pdf, 463 KB ) (1573 downloads) Popular
pdf Attach 7 30perc 2D Model ( pdf, 125.04 MB ) (3137 downloads) Popular
pdf Plunge Creek Initial Study Text Final 1 1 12 18 ( pdf, 643 KB ) (126 downloads) Popular
pdf Attach 6 Plunge 30perc Design ( pdf, 6.45 MB ) (69 downloads)
pdf Attach 5 Plunge Elevation Map ( pdf, 15.69 MB ) (70 downloads)
pdf Attach 4 Alternatives Maps ( pdf, 28.63 MB ) (85 downloads)
pdf Attach 3 Plunge Species Maps (1) ( pdf, 32.47 MB ) (116 downloads) Popular
pdf Attach 2 Exist Condition 2D Model ( pdf ) (67 downloads)
pdf Attach 1 Design Flow Memo ( pdf, 4.06 MB ) (68 downloads)
pdf NOI-Notice of Intent to Adopt An Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration ( pdf, 212 KB ) (80 downloads)
pdf Plunge Creek Project Initial Design ( pdf, 533 KB ) (938 downloads) Popular
pdf 2 1129 Attachment Plunge Creek Proposal ( pdf, 1.85 MB ) (1484 downloads) Popular