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What is our vision?

Our vision for the San Bernardino Valley Conservation Trust is based on the belief that the unique natural resources and open space which support the needs of native plants, animals, and people should be cooperatively and effectively managed to ensure the vitality of the San Bernardino Valley now and for the future. Through the Conservation Trust, we are actively working towards making that vision a reality.


What do we do?

The primary purpose of the San Bernardino Valley Conservation Trust is the direct protection of land, water, and natural resources, including but not limited to agricultural lands, wildlife habitat, wetlands, endangered species habitat, open space areas, and outdoor recreational areas.

Specific activities include:

  • Implementing the Santa Ana River Wash Plan

  • Collecting and investing endowment funds for the purposes above

  • Holding mitigation easements and/or fee title to land being conserved for the purposes above

  • Working with the cities and San Bernardino County on open space trails access and other public benefit programs for education, water related outreach, natural resource awareness, and related activities


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What we value

The San Bernardino Valley Conservation Trust supports the implementation of the Santa Ana River Wash Plan Habitat Conservation Plan. Proper and responsible financial management of endowment funds is of the utmost importance to us.Additionally, the Conservation Trust works to protect and manage lands while simultaneously seeking opportunities to improve and restore open space areas. By supporting trails and open space access, we are able to engage with the pubic while preserving habitat lands. The Conservation Trust also works with Native American entities to allow them access to specific plants for medicinal and ceremonial use.

Providing information and education to our communities on the value of resource conservation and open space is very important to the Conservation Trust. We also seek to reward creative, nonstandard, and entrepreneurial opportunities that advance our mission and endowments.

Most importantly, we conduct and communicate our every action with openness and integrity.

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