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Gen. Manager Daniel Cozad set to retire in May

Daniel Cozad

General Manager Daniel Cozad, credited with bringing a new spirit of collaboration among water agencies in the region during his 12 years of leadership with the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District, has announced his retirement in May.  Assistant General Manager Betsy Miller will succeed him as the first woman general manager in the District’s history.

“Daniel is good at leading people to common ground,” said Board President Melody MacDonald. “Under his leadership, he forged new relationships, mended broken ones, and fostered a newfound sense of collaboration that pushed the long-awaited Upper Santa Ana River Wash Habitat Conservation Plan, the Groundwater Council, and many other groundbreaking innovations over the finish line.”

Miller’s deep knowledge and experience in evironmental planning and organizational development make her ideal to lead the District, Cozad said. “She has been exceptionally quick to absorb the District’s priorities, culture and unique role in the region,” he said. “I have total confidence in her abilities and could not be more proud to be leaving the District in such good hands.”