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Groundwater Recharge Activities Funded by a Groundwater Charge

Each year, the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District (Conservation District) completes an Engineering Investigation of the Bunker Hill Basin. This report is required in connection with the Board of Directors' consideration of a groundwater charge on groundwater production within the Conservation District's boundaries. Article 1, Section 75560 of the California Water Code, requires that a water conservation district that proposes to levy or continue a groundwater extraction fee "...shall annually cause to be made an engineering investigation and report upon groundwater conditions of the District." A copy of the most recent report is available here: Engineering Investigation Report

The District collects a groundwater charge from well owners located in the Conservation District's service area for their water usage in order to fund groundwater recharge activities. Production statements are sent out bi-annually to well owners which must be sent back with reported usage and required payment within thirty days in order to avoid late fees accruing.

Groundwater Recharge


The weather in the Valley alternates between droughts and floods. The District staff captures surface water in the wet years and channels the water to a series of small basins where the water percolates into the ground. The water is stored here until it is needed.

By keeping the groundwater basin relatively full, the District helps reduce the cost of pumping groundwater.

Improve Groundwater Quality

The native surface waters of the Santa Ana River and Mill Creek are some of the best quality water in the State of California.

When the surface water is not being used, such as during storms, the District captures the water and puts it into the ground. This high quality water blends with and improves the existing groundwater, making native water a much better replenishment source than imported water.

Annual analyses of the principle contaminants of total dissolved solids and total inorganic nitrogen reveal that the groundwater quality is better where the surface water has percolated into the ground. Improving the groundwater supply reduces the cost to treat wastewater.


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