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Groundwater Charge

Due to San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District’s efforts, water levels and water quality within the Bunker Hill Basin are improved. The cost of this service is paid by a Groundwater Charge on all producers in the basin based on State Law.  For more information on the origins of the District please read Our District-History and Mission 

Groundwater Production Statements

In June and December of each year, groundwater production statements are sent out to well owners within the District’s service area to be returned by July 31st and January 31st respectively covering the previous six months of well water usage. If you have not received your production statement for the current period, a fillable Adobe Acrobat form is available here: GW #60 Fillable Form

Frequently Asked Questions about the Groundwater Production Statements

Do I have to file a production statement?

If you own a groundwater producing well within the District’s service area, State Law §75611-2, requires a production statement form be completed and returned to the District for each well, even if no groundwater was produced from the well, identified on the statement.

How do I determine my well production?

Three possible methods: Flow Meter, Electric consumption measured at the meter or Other Estimate.

The preferred method of water production measurement is by a calibrated flow meter that provides the actual amount of groundwater produced. Electric meter readings may be used to estimate production by using the flow conversion factor determined from a pump test.  If there is no flow meter and the electric meter provides service to other devices simultaneously, an estimate of groundwater production may be given along with an explanation of how the estimate was derived, which is subject to District audit. Please see the notice sent with groundwater production statements for more information.

What are the current extraction rates?

The FY24 Groundwater Charge is $16.95 per acre foot for all groundwater production, and a Replenishment/Sustainability component rate of $15.20 per acre foot for those not members of the Groundwater Council.

How is the Groundwater Charge set and under what authority?

Each year, each Water Conservation District sets a rate for the year in accord with the requirements of the California Water Code, click links to view California Water Code§ 75610-75624.  We prepare an Engineering Investigation on the Status of the Basin and Hold a Public Meeting and Public Hearing.  At the end of this process the board adopts a Resolution stating the changes for the year.  For 2023-2024 Resolution No. 610, adopted by the District Board at the public hearing held on April 26, 2023, set the rate above.

If you still need more information, contact the District Office for assistance.