Helping Nature Store Our Water

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Groundwater matters, and so does the work that we do

Groundwater matters

Water is precious. That’s why we work hard to make sure we capture whatever surface flow we can from winter rain and snowmelt, and hold it in recharge basins so it sinks deep into the ground. Our local Bunker Hill Basin is much like a bank: Regular deposits ensure we are better prepared for hard times. Too many withdrawals without deposits, and you can find yourself running on empty.

We monitor groundwater levels carefully to evaluate our progress toward meeting regional water management goals. Our staff measure and record daily flow measurements. We also inspect critical facilities — such as recharge basins, diversion structures, culverts and canals — to make sure we catch as much water as we can.

We help nature store our water, but there’s a lot of science and elbow grease that goes into that. Click here for more information about how we manage our recharge facilities.