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Local scientists tour the Wash as part of Santa Ana River symposium

Conservation of the native, threatened and endangered species of the Santa Ana River and Upper Santa Ana River Wash was an important theme in the 2023 Santa Ana River Science and Conservation Symposium hosted earlier this month by the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District and sponsored by several area partners including the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District.

The two-day event at Esri featured presentations on research affecting the Wash, including topics of ecological sustainability, creating endangered species habitat, monitoring techniques and more. Presentations on SBVWCD work included:

  • Geomorphologist and hydrologist Brendan Belby presented on the Plunge Creek Conservation Project as a model for future habitat projects.
  • Biologist Mikael Romich presented on his use of radio telemetry in doing District research with San Bernardino kangaroo rats at Plunge Creek.
  • Restoration ecologist Jake Marcon presented on his work with field seed bulking to restore endangered plant species, and
  • District Land Resources Manager Milan Mitrovich spoke on the District’s Percent Area Occupied (PAO) approach to work being done for the San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat.

Part of the symposium included a tour of the Santa Ana River and Wash, where participants could see for themselves some of the amazing work done to protect and preserve species.