Helping Nature Store Our Water


Searing temperatures and disabling drought in 2021 challenged water agencies throughout California to adapt to extreme water shortages. Our region fared much better than others in the state, thanks to some key new projects and the collaborative nature of local agencies to pitch in and work together for the sake of reliably boosting our local water supplies and protecting local habitat.

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SBVWCD Newsletter

The American Public Works Association, Inland Empire Section’s Board of Directors selected San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District's Plunge Creek Conservation Project as the organization's Water Supply Protection and Enhancement Project of the Year.

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In the clutches of California’s third driest year in a century, the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District reports higher than average recharge of local surface water when compared to other dry years.

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A steady force for local and state water issues, she is credited with building a spirit of collaboration to improve local water storage and resilience.

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SBVWCD Newsletter

Our region is home to some of the best quality water in California.

Much of that has to do with work the District has been doing for nearly 100 years: capturing and recharging water from area rivers and streams into the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin, which today serves some 70% of the local population.

This surface water, fed by pristine snowmelt from the nearby San Bernardino Mountains, is captured in percolation ponds where it seeps slowly through layers of sand and silt that filter out contaminants — just as nature intended.

This high-quality water blends with and improves the purity of existing groundwater, and enhances water resilience for our drought-prone community.