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The District is a member of the Big Bear Watermaster Committee that works to protect the water rights of the basin. The Big Bear Watermaster presents the Fortieth Annual Report of its activities for Calendar Year 2016. The Watermaster's activities ensure that the rights of all parties subject to the Judgment rendered in Case No. 165493 are protected. The Watermaster generally oversees watershed conditions that may affect the Judgment and attempts to improve the conditions to the benefit of all parties.

Each year the Watermaster prepares a report which describes the activities of the Watermaster including the status of accounts and various tabulations as required by the Judgment. The Big Bear Watermaster Conunittee is currently composed of Donald E. Evenson, President, representing Big Bear Municipal Water District; Sam Fuller, representing Bear Valley Mutual Water Company; and Daniel B. Cozad, Secretary, representing San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District.

Annual Reports and other documents of the Watermaster are shown below:

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pdf 2007 BBWM Report ( pdf, 1.33 MB ) (2324 downloads)
pdf 2006 BBWM Report ( pdf, 1.53 MB ) (2218 downloads)
pdf 2005 BBWM Report ( pdf, 1.39 MB ) (2386 downloads)